Meet Margaret

Communication With Your Dog is my Passion

I first noticed her gift for understanding and predicting animal behavior around the age of ten. Throughout my youth, I became proficient in training both rescued dogs/animals and family pets for friends and family members. Showing excellent insight and an intuitive nature regarding man’s best friend, has contributed to my success in the dog training field. It takes only a few minutes of working together to see how animals immediately respect and communicate with me

First, I will put my clients at ease while teaching them how to earn their dog's respect and speak dog language. Yes, also known as Sargent Margaret to some, my first and foremost concerns are for the animals (then the humans).

I am referred by top veterinarians and operate a successful dog training and behavioral consultation in central Florida. 

I have excellent referrals by clients and shelters for work with rescues, dogs in need of rehabilitation, puppy 101, and all the common behavioral issues dog owners face on a daily basis. 


With over 40 years of rescuing and rehabilitating, I have raised squirrels, foxes, and once even a mountain lion. I’ve trained, bred and showed English and French Bulldogs, Cocker Spaniels and Great Danes; hunted and raced Jack Russells; and presently do therapy visitations with my dogs.

I have also spent time rescuing and rehabilitating horses, donkeys, and mules. One of my favorites was a donkey named Simon, the Smart-Ass, who was trick-trained. We even interviewed with the David Letterman Show's “Stupid Pet Tricks” segment. Another donkey, Chewbacca, became an ambassador for rescued donkeys. (You can see his video on YouTube “Mammoth Donkey Tricks”)

I have an overwhelming love to rescue, rehabilitate, and give new hope to owners and their 4-legged friends.

My passion is working with dogs on behavioral issues and obedience training. There is nothing more rewarding than to help a family communicate with their 4-legged members. 

At home, I have two Great Danes – Merlin and Marcus – whom I often take to schools and nursing homes. Recently I rescued a Xolo mix (Mexican Hairless), Mikey, who is learning disabled. He is going to make a great Therapy dog, making people smile.